Frequently Asked Questions

Operation - Meteor

Where can I use the Meteor?
The Meteor has been designed to handle all the jobs of today's Municipal cylinder and rotary mowers.
What height of grass can I cut?
The Meteor has been designed to cut grass up to 200mm (8") efficiently; however it can cut longer grass depending on the density of the material, but its efficiency will not be optimised.
How does the Meteor perform in the wet?
Unlike a rotary mower the Meteor cuts and evenly disperses the clippings across the full width 760mm (30 inch) of each unit.
Can I still get TST (TILT STABILITY TECHNOLOGY) on the Meteor?
The Meteor was designed to be used on our existing Parkway 3 tractor, offering all the known safety and comfort benefits expected from Ransomes mowers.
Will the Meteor follow ground contours like a cylinder mower?
The Meteor mowing unit was designed to fit the same footprint as the Ransomes Magna 250 - dramatically reducing scalping compared to a 1.52m (60 inch) rotary mower deck.
Will it be hard to train operators?
Operators will find the Meteor easier to use than current cylinder mowers and it provides the flexibility to cut around obstacles easier than a rotary mower.
What flail blades options are available?
Two flail options are available. Durable, heavy duty paddle flails for a flatter finish or tough, reversible half Y blades to help cope with more lateral growth.

Meteor Specific

Can I fit cylinder mowers onto the Parkway 3 Meteor?
The Meteor has been purpose-designed as standard to allow for the Magna 250 cylinders to be fitted to a Parkway 3 Meteor tractor unit.
Why is the productivity of a Meteor higher?
The most significant benefit that the Meteor offers is the flexibility to handle different environments; the requirement to return to site with an alternative mower is negated. The Meteor offers the ability to tackle the variations on your cutting routes with a single product.