Ransomes Jacobsen Presents the Parkway 3 Meteor

With an unprecedented 2.15 metres (84.6”) width of cut coupled with an impressive quality of cut, Ransomes Jacobsen has launched the new Parkway 3 Meteor mower for the municipal and landscape contract market.

Versatile. Manoeuvrable. Flexible. High Performing.
Major changes and constraints in the local authority and landscape contract markets have forced owners and operators to find more productive and cost effective methods of maintaining grassed areas. With this in mind, the Ransomes Meteor Flail Mower has been developed to satisfy the needs of the most demanding users.

Occupying the same space as the renowned Ransomes Magna 250 cutting unit frame, these new cutting heads are better suited to longer grass than smaller cylinder mowers and help cope with reduced cutting cycles.

The compact flail heads follow ground contours more precisely, are more resistant to debris damage and leave a very acceptable finish, especially in wet and heavy growth exceeding that of cylinder and rotary mowers.

Powered by the Parkway 3 turbo-charged tractor, the Meteor offers industry leading operator comfort with plenty of engine power and all encapsulated to deliver a robust, efficient cutting machine.